eBook Authors: The Irish Writers Union is for you!

The IWU recognises that a greater and greater part of the world of writing, publishing and reading consists of eBooks. If you are an author of eBooks, whether self-published or otherwise, then you should consider joining up with your colleagues in the IWU. Full membership is open to anyone who can demonstrate €250 worth of sales and associate membership to anyone who has published an eBook.

In return, you become part of a growing and vibrant community of Irish (or Irish-interest) authors, you receive our monthly Final Draft (and are welcome to advertise your new titles for free there).

· You are showing solidarity with your colleagues both in print and electronic publishing.

· You are entitled to free contract advice for IWU members. This is especially important in regard to reversion of rights clauses for eBooks (don’t license your eBook to a publisher in perpetuity).

· The IWU advocate for 50% royalties for eBook sales.

· The IWU were one of the main organisations campaigning for the introduction of Public Lending Right to Ireland and we are now campaigning for PLR to be extended to cover eBook loans.

· We advocate that eBooks pay the same VAT rate as printed books, which is 0% in Ireland.

· We believe that eBook authors of quality literature should be recognised in public awards.

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