IWU Privacy Policy

What Information Do We Collect?


When you pay for membership of the IWU, we ask for your email, address and phone number.


What Do We Use Your Information For?


We send members a copy of the monthly newsletter Final Draft by email if possible, to your address if not.


News of competitions and special events, including our AGM are also sent by email if possible. These do not amount to more than ten emails a year.


If for some reason (e.g. a request by an organisation to use an author’s material) we have to contact you, in the first instance we will use email. Very occasionally have needed to contact a member by phone.


How Do We Protect Your Information


Your details are held by the Secretary on his or her private computer only. They are not circulated or put online.


Do We Disclose Any Information To Outside Parties?


No. If someone is trying to contact you with a legitimate query, we will pass their details and request to you without disclosing your information.


Your Consent


By joining the IWU and supplying your details, you consent to this privacy policy.


Contacting Us


If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy please contact us by email: info@irishwritersunion.org